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Salty Shaman

Black Obsidian Obelisk

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Heal Your Shadow Self.

Black Obsidian was heated within the earth until it became molten lava that was thrust out of a volcano, and then cooled by water. This stone understands transformation. Through retrospection, Black Obsidian empowers you to explore your inner self. This stone inspires personal transformation so you can be your authentic self. You can use Black Obsidian as a mirror into your soul to see the shadow parts of yourself you may shy away from before. Hold this obelisk or set it close to you as you sit in self-reflection to dentify and release your negative energies.

Obelisks have four sides that meet at a center point. The square base allows them to stand upright. The obelisk shape originated in Ancient Egypt to honor the sun god Ra. The obelisks were erected in pairs, symbolizing the importance of balance. In modern times, single obelisks have been used as markers of importance.

Size: 3.25"-3.5" High

Color: Black

Quantity: 1 Obelisk

Each stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.


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