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Salty Shaman

Lotus Flower Orgonite Pyramid

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Unlock Your Soul's Potential.

Behold the mysterious energy contained in this stunning pyramid, as it gathers and channels your innermost spirit while providing a direct connection to the power of the universe. Our Lotus Flower Orgonite Pyramid captures the physical and spiritual elements of a traditional pyramid structure with an enhanced energetic field produced by carefully arranged crystals that transmute negative energies into healing positive vibrations. In addition, its striking beauty is highlighted by intricate patterns resembling lotus petals, which are widely associated with purity, peace and enlightenment. Near the apex is a Rose Quartz sphere. When placed on an altar or grid, you'll experience all the divine qualities embodied by Orgonite, the lotus flower, Rose Quartz and the pyramid itself – allowing you to open up and unleash your soul's potential like never before.

Orgonite is made from crystals, metals and polymers, providing an environment in which spiritual energy can more easily flow freely – connecting us more closely to the natural energy of our souls and the Universe. Placed on an altar or stand, this gorgeous pyramid pulls in the energy from beneath it and streams it up towards its peak like a laser beam.


Size: 2.5"

Material: Clear Orgonite with Golden Flakes Base, Layered with Black Pebbles and Topped with a Golden Petal Lotus Flower and Rose Quartz Sphere

Quantity: 1 Pyramid


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