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Salty Shaman

Moukite Stone Set, Tumbled

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Allow this stone to support and sustain you during times of stress. 

The discovery and naming of this stone took place in Western Australia's Kennedy Ranges, specifically near Mooka Creek. The word “Mooka” means "running waters". This Australian Jasper has a robust and earthy beauty. Moukite is also a powerful healing stone that links a person to the earth's beneficial energies. 

Moukite has an energizing frequency of power and vitality. Channel this good energy to strengthen your willpower and focus on your power. Moukite encourages an ageless spirit open to change and new experiences, as well as reawakening one's inherent instincts for determining the best course of action.

Size: approx. 1"-1.5"

Color: Varies from tan, yellow orche to brick red and brown

Quantity: 3 Stones

Each stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.


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