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Salty Shaman

Protection Talisman Gemstone Set

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Protection and Strength.

Accentuate your life with this talisman gemstone set specifically selected for its protective qualities. A talisman is a magical object that is thought to offer the bearer protection and good fortune. 

Each stone has its own significance:

Black Obsidian Moon acts as a loyal shield that deflects all negativity and amplifies positive vibrations, leaving you feeling safe and empowered.

Tiger's Eye has special energies that embolden you to live bravely in all aspects of your life. Use this stone when you need an ally to help you overcome fears or take risks in your life.

Red Jasper offers a grounding energy that supports you when stress is tearing you down. Its healing properties bring stability to your body and spirit by balancing your root chakra. Due to its truly extraordinary metaphysical properties, Red Jasper can be used for manifesting courage, strength and wisdom.

Clear Quartz amplifies the properties of each stone. This striking combination will help create a shield around you, allowing you to feel safe even during uncertain times.

With these gemstones, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you are being surrounded by spiritual forces promoting both strength and protection in life’s journey.


  • Includes one of each gemstone: rough Black Obsidian Moon, tumbled Tiger's Eye, tumbled Red Jasper, tumbled Clear Quartz
  • Description card included
Gemstones will vary in color and size due to their natural composition.


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Charitable Causes

Salty Shaman gives 5% of the profits from this website to charitable organizations, such as no-kill animal shelters, food banks, mental health advocates, and safe havens for women and children. Together, we can make a difference.