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Salty Shaman

Purple Sphere with Copper Ring Orgonite Pyramid

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Nurture Your Spirit.

The Clear Orgonite Pyramid with its beautiful combination of golden flakes, teal stone chips and a colorful chakra medallion capped off with a purple sphere provides a spiritual connection like none other. This gorgeous piece brings together the best of nature and creates a synergy that opens the door to true understanding and unity with all. Like waves on the ocean, its healing properties have ripple effects that spread far and wide in our lives.

The energy generated by this stunning product gives you an unparalleled access to insight into the spiritual world. Imagine its golden flakes representing a deep sense of inner security while its teal stone chips bring forth intuitive awareness to strengthen your core values. Topping it all off is an intricately designed chakra medallion encircled by a copper ring which vibrates calming energies from its center – bringing out inner peace like a cool ocean breeze caressing your skin. As if this wasn’t enough, it is all held together by the captivating power of the purple sphere – offering guidance for your mind and spirit to become one.

Take control of your life with this remarkable Orgonite Pyramid as you feel it’s magical powers build bridges between you and the Universe – aligning yourself spiritually through tranquility similar to that of the oceans tides. Let go of worries, soothe your mind and connect deeply to the universal energy.

Orgonite is made from crystals, metals and polymers, providing an environment in which spiritual energy can more easily flow freely – connecting you more closely to the natural energy of your soul and the Universe. Placed on an altar or stand, this gorgeous pyramid pulls in the energy from beneath it and streams it up towards its peak like a laser beam.


Size: 2.5"

Material: Clear Orgonite with Golden Flakes base, layered with teal stone chips and a colorful Chakra medallion encircled by a copper ring, topped with a Purple Sphere

Quantity: 1 Pyramid


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