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Salty Shaman

Rhodonite Travel-Size Pendulum

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Unlock the Mysteries of Life.

Discover an essential tool for your spiritual practices with a travel-size Rhodonite pendulum. With its crystal properties and size that is designed to go anywhere you do, this is the perfect choice for divination and energy work. Not only will it bring answers to the questions you seek, but also unlock knowledge that has yet to be discovered.

The beauty of Rhodonite's pinkish color lends an inviting and peaceful energy that radiates throughout your space. Let the allure of this gorgeous gem lead you on an adventure through discovery. Attuned with ancient spiritual knowledge, allow this crystal to activate ancient powers that you can use to gain insight into life’s most perplexing questions. With just a few motions of the pendulum, set intentions, break old patterns and call forth unseen answers from within.

Each purchase comes with an embossed drawstring pouch, perfect for keeping your pendulum safe and accessible on-the-go. Travel light but mighty as you manifest the journey of a lifetime.

The pendulum has long been a source of power and divination. Its spiritual potential is both awe-inspiring and captivating, unlocking hidden secrets of the universe and illuminating new paths for exploration. By harnessing its mysterious energy, you can achieve powerful insights into your life and destiny that would otherwise remain unknown. With its ethereal presence and precious mineral content, this pendulum can become an essential part of your journey to self-discovery. Let it lead you towards understanding the mystical connections between time, fate, and personal enlightenment.


  • Semi-precious Pendulum Stone is 1" long x 5/8" wide
  • Length (from tip to end) is 7 1/2", steel chain
  • Vegan-friendly microfiber Drawstring Pouch included
  • Description card included
Each pendulum stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.


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