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Salty Shaman

Blue Calcite Stone Set, Rough, Acid Washed

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Soulful Connection.

Are you looking for a spiritual connection? Then Blue Calcite is the perfect crystal set for you. Known as a gentle yet powerful stone, Blue Calcite soothes anxieties and calms the mind while amplifying psychic energy. It will allow you to clear emotional blockages and promote tranquility in your life. Let this blue wonder take you on a journey of inner peace and divine alignment.

As if touched by the light of the stars, this majestic stone has an almost dream-like quality, with its graceful shades of aquamarine hues that instantly inspire serenity. Every single crystal shines like drops of dew under morning sun – it’s like holding infinity in your hands.

You can use Blue Calcite on your throat chakra to make communication clearer and more productive.

Whether you’re searching for insight or soulful transformation, Blue Calcite is the perfect companion to guide your journey towards spiritual growth and healing. Step into an illuminated path filled with positivity and joy – be ready to make room for harmony in your life.

Approx. Size: 1"-1.25" Small

Color: Acid Washed, Natural Light Blue

Quantity: 3 Stones

Each stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.


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