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Salty Shaman

Tree of Life Orgonite Pyramid

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Discover a Pathway to Enlightenment.

Bring spiritual and divine power into your home with the Tree of Life Orgonite Pyramid. Adorned with powerful crystal energy, this beautiful pyramid can be placed on an altar, grid or stand to enhance its surroundings. With its transformative power and symbolic meaning, you can feel the presence of your soul and the pulse of the universe emanating from inside this magnificent pyramid.  This remarkable symbol helps direct and circulate universal energy, transforming it into a higher vibration so that it can be used in your own spiritual practices.

Place your Tree of Life Orgonite Pyramid on your altar to focus positive vibrations while helping protect yourself from negative energies. As a powerful manifestation tool, its three-dimensional shape creates a cosmic doorway that pulls in the energy from beneath it and lets the energy spiral upward towards the point, intensifying as it circles, forming an aura around you that is as radiant as life itself. At the point, the energy is streamlined like a laser beam which connects us all to divine harmony and balance.  With just one glance at its exquisite design, your heart will be filled with warmth and wonder as you harness this majestic energy!

Orgonite is made from crystals, metals and polymers, providing an environment in which spiritual energy can more easily flow freely – connecting us more closely to the natural energy of our souls and the Universe. 


Size: 2.5"

Color: Clear Orgonite with a base of Tiger's Eye chips, dusted with golden flakes that emit a golden aura throughout the entire pyramid, topped with a Flower of Life tree.

Quantity: 1 Pyramid


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Charitable Causes

Salty Shaman gives 5% of the profits from this website to charitable organizations, such as no-kill animal shelters, food banks, mental health advocates, and safe havens for women and children. Together, we can make a difference.