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How to Shuffle Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards

Great Cozmoz’s mysterious powers will move through your hands as you shuffle, arranging the cards based on your question, as well as the spread you intend to use and whether you will cut the cards or not. (Cutting the cards is optional, but the decision must be made before you shuffle because it impacts the card positions.)

The mystical art of shuffling the Great Cozmoz cards...

Step 1: Clear your mind and set your intention. Take a moment to focus on your question or the energy you wish to connect with. 

Step 2: Give your deck a good shuffle. You can shuffle by splitting the deck in half, then letting the two stacks cascade together. Or you can split the deck and then push the cards from one stack into the other. Or use your own unique shuffle style. There's no right or wrong way to shuffle. (You can watch this video for additional shuffling instructions).

As you shuffle, focus on your question or intention. Let your energy flow into the cards, infusing them with your personal touch. Imagine your question or intention being absorbed by the cards.

Step 3: Once you feel satisfied with your shuffle, lay the cards down into the predetermined spread. 

Now it's time to read the cards.

The term “spread” is used to describe how cards are laid into specific positions. 


How to Lay Down the Cards




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