How to Read the Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards

After you have shuffled and laid down your cards, gaze at them. Pay attention to the thoughts that come to your mind. Notice how do you feel and the memories that come into your awareness. Let all of these thoughts, feelings and memories commingle until an answer forms in your mind. Relax. The universal powers will help guide you. Once the message resonates with your heart or gut instinct, you know you have the answer you have sought. 

Unfavorable Answer. If you receive an unfavorable answer, reshuffle the cards while asking what you can do to change the outcome, then lay the cards down again (you may choose a different card spread/position for the new question). Remember, the future is fluid — nothing is set in stone. You always have the power of choice, and the universal powers want to help you.

Conflicting Cards. If you get cards that contradict each other, ask yourself how these cards may interact from a higher perspective. For example, if your question was: "Will a romantic interest ask me out on a date," and you lay down the "Love" and "Broken Heart" cards along with the "New Beginnings" card. The cards "Love" and "Broken Heart" appear to cancel each other, but the "New Beginnings" card sways the message in your favor. You may interpret the cards to mean that he/she will ask you out, but maybe not as soon as you would like — or perhaps someone else will appear in your life soon.

Read alone or with others. You can read for yourself or other people. You can even have another person read for you. To make it a party game, let everyone else read your spread. To make it more interesting, don’t tell them your question beforehand. 

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