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How to Lay the Cards

Welcome, seeker of knowledge and wisdom! To embark on this enchanting journey, you must first understand the importance of choosing the right card spread. Allow us to illuminate your path and guide you towards the perfect spread for your inquiries.

Within the realm of card reading, a "spread" is a sacred arrangement of cards, each position holding a unique meaning and purpose. These positions are carefully chosen to unveil the hidden truths and offer profound revelations. Let us delve into the magical world of spreads and their significance.

Numbers hold a mystical energy, resonating with the vibrations of the universe. In the realm of card spreads, numbers indicate the order in which the cards are laid, infusing each position with its own divine essence. 


Choosing the Perfect Spread

Single Card Spread

A solitary card holds profound wisdom, offering a focused answer to a specific question. This spread is ideal for quick insights and immediate guidance.

Three-Card Spread

Each card represents a unique aspect of your question, yet together, they offer a comprehensive understanding that transcends the boundaries of ordinary perception.

As you lay each card, observe the symbols, colors, and imagery that adorn the card. Allow your intuition to speak to you, interpreting the messages that the cards convey.  

See how the cards reflect your current situation while illuminating the path that lies before you. 

Mini-Celtic Cross Spread

A condensed version of the sacred arrangement of the Celtic Cross delves deep into the complexities of your life. It unveils hidden influences, obstacles, and potential outcomes, offering a holistic view of your path.

Relationship Spread

This spread illuminates the dynamics between individuals, be it romantic, familial, or platonic. It provides insights into the strengths, challenges and potential growth within the relationship.

Past, Present & Future

When faced with a difficult choice, this spread offers guidance and clarity. Each card in this sacred spread represents a different aspect of your journey.

The first card unveils the past, shedding light on the experiences and lessons that have brought you to this moment. It serves as a foundation upon which your future choices will be built.

The second and third cards illuminate the present. They reveal the energies and influences that surround you in the here and now. Pay close attention to their messages, both individually and combined, for they hold the key to understanding your current circumstances.

The fourth and fifth cards beckon you towards the future, offering a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Finally, the sixth and last card serves as a guiding light, showing you the potential outcome of your choices and actions. Embrace its wisdom and let it inspire you as you navigate the twists and turns of your journey.


Week At-A-Glance Spread

This spread will guide you through the upcoming week, revealing the hidden energies and cosmic forces at play.

Draw seven cards from the deck, one for each day of the week. As you lay each card down, pay attention to its symbolism and allow your intuition to guide you. The cards will speak to you in whispers, revealing insights, challenges, and opportunities that await you.

Each card represents a unique aspect of your week, offering guidance and illumination. The cards may reveal themes such as love, abundance, growth, or transformation. Pay close attention to any patterns or connections between the cards, as they hold deeper meanings and messages. May your week be filled with wonder, synchronicity, and enchantment!

Remember, dear seeker, that the choice of spread is as unique as your journey. Trust your intuition and select the spread that resonates with your heart and soul. As you lay the cards, the veil between the seen and unseen shall be lifted, revealing the wisdom that awaits.

May your path be illuminated, and may the cards guide you towards the answers you seek. Embrace the magic, for within the realm of Great Cozmoz, the mysteries of the universe unfold.

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